Observing Mattia’s work, we were fascinated by the symbolic, mystical elements, the faces, the shades that he manages to achieve with color, the vividness and contrast, the geometries and the precision with which he creates his paintings and that create his universe.

Symbols and esotericism are means by which the artist expresses his interest in these themes, which allow him to depict elements of inspiration that he has drawn, in particular, from other works in the History of Art. They also act as catalysts for other people who identify these symbols. At the same time, for the artist, to paint and reproduce them almost makes them lose their mystical aura, thus coming to simply represent pictorial forms.

His great technical skill in painting, precision, use of pure color and pigments, on the other hand, are the result of constant exercise and research, which began in high school and continued at the Academy in Venice.

In the works of Mattia Sinigaglia the details are truly precious and particularized, above all to best represent the symbols, figures and shapes we talked about in the description dedicated to his work.

Often different techniques coexist within the same canvas, both in terms of painting and relief / bas-relief techniques, and in the use of color: Mattia usually uses pure pigments to obtain a color at the maximum of its expression, which can stand out and create as much contrast as possible with the more opaque and dull areas of the canvas.

This special care also extends to small ceramic sculptures and wooden frames, all made to measure by the artist and specifically for the works they are combined with.