The aim of Luca Migliorino is to lead us to reflect on many of the great issues that concern us as a community and humanity through his painting.

And to do it, he chooses to represent situations that stimulate these questions, bringing well-defined and symbolic landscapes to the foreground, or events such as fires, air and road accidents or archaeological sites from which imposing statues and references to mythology emerge.

Luca observes all these images from above, with an aerial perspective that allows him to enclose, within the same space, scenes, details, references to philosophical myths and symbols, often so different from each other as to give the painting almost the appearance of a rebus.

By immersing ourselves in this heterogeneity, we can read these images in different ways: each time we find new meanings and make new discoveries.

For Migliorino, the different scenes he represents in his paintings, often taking place in relation to each other, are fundamental to express his vision of the world and to share reflections with those who observe them.

In this sense, in order to encode the messages the artist wants to convey, he enriches his scenes and his subjects with crucial details to grasp the analogies, the quotations and the philosophical myths he refers to.

Observing Luca’s works, we were fascinated by the variety and multitude of these details, which also show Migliorino's technical refinements from the point of view of the pictorial realization.