Elisa fascinated us with her work that originates from the resumption and continuation of some memories of her childhood and some themes that have always been dear to her.

In paintings there are many autobiographical references, reflections and proposals for reflections represented by fantastic creatures with fluid contours, by self-portraits and alters, by animals with totemic powers, by elements of the game, by sexual organs, by the observation of reality under the microscope and of vegetation mutations.

The color can vary in intensity, depending on the degree of vividness and life that she embodies; different compositional levels are used, often starting from a background made with sprays, on which the painting then finds space.

All these references and many others allow her to introduce broader and universal themes, such as death and the struggle for territorial supremacy, the vision and representation of oneself and the multisensory perception of reality.

The details for Elisa Schiavina are the shades of color, the small creatures that populate her works, the shapes scattered in various points of the canvas, the differences in definition between elements of the same type, the mole that often indicates a self-portrait. Her works must be observed carefully because everything has a meaning and everything has been positioned or represented with great care.

During the studio visits we were amazed at how these canvases and these details are incredible generators of dialogue and parallel mental worlds.