Clelia's photographic work always begins with a meaning or a research that assumes a specific value for the artist, including compositional and aesthetic investigation.

Through her photographs and her projects, she allows us to deepen our gaze on the subjects she chooses, without giving any strong critical connotation to guide us.

In fact, the artist prefers for her work to stimulate an autonomous reflection on the subject and to start the analytical process according to her own level of reading the images.

Although her photographs are of great impact and fascination even if observed individually, she suggests a way to use them together according to a division by project, whereby the images acquire further strength and meaning.

We started following Clelia's work from her series 'The senses of the island', a project born in the Venetian lagoon, where she first created an imaginary and a narrative space that she then chose to photograph. But more than on the city itself, Clelia wanted to focus on the concept of the island and the condition of uniqueness that involves living and observing it.

Another project that enormously intrigued us is ‘Animabilia’, also due to the many implications and reflections that leads us to face, while favoring aesthetics as a means to show it, her own gaze.

As the title suggests, it is an ode to the sense of wonder that the artist felt for the animal world, leading her to explore various contexts such as natural history museums, but also zoos, reptilaries, aquariums, private collections, studies of taxidermy, animal fairs and exotic species farms.

On the artist's website you can get a broader overview of her projects and enjoy her beautiful photographs.