For Arjan Shehaj the nature of his canvases is experimental, so he reaches an essential trait both from a pictorial and compositional point of view through a process of removal, referring to the classic academic path of studies which starts from techniques and theoretical insights from the dawn of art history, with references to artists of the past and figurative art.
The process of creating a work includes a state of meditation and reflection on reality which then contributes to composing the work.

The supports, the research and the selection in this sense have a lot of importance for his painting, as do the emotional relationship with color and the technical realization through pigments and elements of the pictorial tradition such as egg yolk for the detective stories.
Although it may seem like a graphic work with the use of other materials, Shehaj creates his works with painting and the help of very thin brushes.


Arjan works with different supports, especially fine papers and canvases, of different sizes . However, it favors small and medium formats.