Adelisa's work is characterized by a strong presence of the female figure.

Her women are real, mischievous, transgressive, ironic, sure of their sexuality, never vulgar, but always extremely sensual. The representation that Adelisa gives of it transcends and goes beyond the female stereotype currently imposed by society. Adelisa aims to restore an image of the woman free from judgment and guided by innocence, irony, but above all by the acceptance of diversity.

The use of bright colors and the use of such defined shades serves to give further strength to the concepts of sensuality and femininity that the artist intends to highlight in her works. The choice of color derives from a careful observation of reality, of the context and of the way in which bodies interact with light. The colors then become stronger and more extreme in Adelisa's canvases in order not only to sensualize the bodies, but also to give them a plasticity that makes them even more realistic, as if they came to life within the same composition.

Adelisa's work is distinguished by a strong use of shading and pastel colors. In her compositions, the study of color plays a fundamental role. It takes on the function of a filter, it becomes a lens through which the observer can investigate the reality of the bodies and objects represented according to the way in which the light interacts with them. These large splashes of color, so lively and full of life, are extended onto the canvas as to master it, declaring their presence in the composition and - by extension - in the real world.